Become a Software Developer in 2021

Fastest Way to Become a Software Developer in 2021

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Hello Friends in Today’s Blog I will tell you about a road map to becoming a job-ready programmer. And this will be right from scratch presuming, you don’t know to program and what all you need, so that you become a job-ready programmer. Meaning, later for whichever job you are seeking you will be nicely eligible as you will be covering all relevant skills. And I will be telling you all, about the campus guys for whom organizations come on campus and also about the off-campus guys.

Fastest Way to Become a Software Developer in 2021

Fastest Way to Become a Software Developer

1. Start With Basics

So let us start and we start from scratch. So first of all, if we don’t know about programming. Then, at the beginning we have to learn the basics of programming, I mean right at the start, functions loops, in any one language. At the time of starting one must choose any language such as C++, Java, or Python. Okay, select anyone, if you have been doing on C++, carry on with it. If you don’t know much about it and are a bit scared of the syntax then get on to Java

. And if you are clear that in the future you will be doing machine learning then get on to Python. Choose any one language and get your basics done with that and with which you will also learn your data structure and algorithms. So first of all choose one language and in that functions, loop pattern questions, loop concept; all these things you should do well.

And this will take one to two months, some will take a month and some will take two months, but no issues as these will only be making a base for you to move ahead nicely. So first of all we have done the basics of programming very well. We did basic problem-solving.

2. Data structure and algorithms

Now comes the main part, which will take us 4 to 5 months and that is we have to do data structure and algorithms very well. Now what comes under Data Structure Algorithms, are Arrays, Link Lists, Stacks, Queues Strings, Graphs, Priority Queues, Trees; all of these are Data Structures. Algorithms like Recursion, Dynamic Programming, Binary Search we’ll have to do all these applications.

So on each topic, we’ll have to nicely prepare for 20 to 25 questions we’ll have to do this problem solving nicely and so overall, we will have to solve 250 to 300 questions. The target is, goal should be that we should be able to solve the problems. Given a question we should be thinking like which is the Data Structure Algorithm to be applied so this can be solved in the most optimized way.

So if we solve 250 to 300 questions very well, and using our brains, and have used quality problems then we will become very thorough with Data Structure and Algorithms. And we’ll make sure that we will cover only Data Structure Algorithms because mostly in an interview they ask about Data Structure Algorithms so we will do this end to end very nicely. And so we won’t put our heads on anything else and overall the first 6 to 7 months we didn’t do anything else but only Data Structure Algorithms thoroughly.

So, we have done from brute force to best solutions so that we can think through very well so that should be your first goal. And if there are on-campus interviews, where mostly the focus is on DS and Algo, and if you do this much that is sufficient to get you a job. Only for on-campus people and not for off-campus people at all because off-campus people, will have to do much more than this but for on-campus just Data Structure and Algorithms if you do for 6 to 7 months then you can get a nice job.

3. web development

What do I mean by doing web development nicely and how do we go about it. Now, if for the next 6 months, we are doing web development having done our Data Structure and Algorithms and for the next 6 months we are doing web development so, where will the first 3 months go it will go to 3 months of learning web development.

Now, what is it like learning web development in the beginning you will learn HTML, CSS, etc, and make a website? So then you’ll do it on a framework or on Ruby On Rails or Note GS or Django with Python and so in some way or the other, you will do small projects and for the next 3 months, you will learn it thoroughly.

What is the front end and what is the back end, the front end frameworks work that is Angular or React, or how to do back end frameworks function? And how do I retrieve data from the back end to get it on to the front end this I will pick it up very well in the next 3 to 4 months as a web developer. Once this is done, our work is not yet over, the real work is to get the website live.

So, we have to get on to one project and do its front end and back end corresponding work nicely. Talking about ideas, for ideas we have some videos ready on the same and I’ll share the links with you. You can work on some of the links, besides you can work on your own ideas too. You give yourself 3 to 4 months to work on this one project let it go live and deploy it on the website and that will make stand you out that you now have a link and the website is now live.

So, if now we’ve done with one project well and previously we’ve done the DS and Algo too so we have our base set that this, we know it well now. Now you are a job-ready programmer because you have done a live website like you are ready for a job and if you have been called for a job and asked to do a web site and that you would do this well besides you are thorough with DS and Algo too. Now that the web development is done.

3. App development

you can now choose App Development. What’s there in App development? Well, there’s Android development, IOS development. Then there’s React Net development, which is provided for both Android and IOS and then you have Flutter. So, these are the different things. What happens in app development, if I choose to develop an App then my goal should be that within 6 months I should have an App available in the Play Store. And that should be your end goal but for that, we have to for the first 3 months learn how to make an App and how things work here differently.

That how it functions in the front end, how do we get on to APA calls, how do we show the data? What are the different things, like fragments and all that are they in the App all this we learn it here? Whatever it is, you can do it on React or on Flutter whatever it is but for 3 to 4 months you have to learn all the small, small details of how to make an App and engage in small projects so that we will learn everything. Now after this, we have to work on one App idea.

And again if you cannot think of any ideas then there is a video of Ankush which I will upload as a link and you will get ideas from there or on your own idea, for the next 3 to 4 months we should focus on making an app. We should not stop until it is on the Playstore. We will work for 3 to 4 months and put it on Playstore. Now what all is there on your resume, you are good in Data Structure and Algorithms and you are also a good app developer because your app is on Playstore. So, if you have chosen the path of Android development, sorry the path of app development then your app has come on Playstore, and you are good in Data Structure and Algorithms and you have now become a job-ready programmer. So that can be another thing.

4. Competitive programming

you can now become very good at competitive programming. Meaning that I did 6 months of data structure and algorithms and I enjoyed problem-solving. Now, if I have to do competitive programming, which hard data structures, Fenwick tree segment tree, number theory, I have to learn all these concepts I will learn hard data structure and I will become very thorough in problem-solving. So, for the next six months, my target should be that I will become a candidate master in Codeforces or 6th star on Codeset, something so that would make my resume stand out. And for that, you will have to do study Data Structure and Algorithms for the first few months.

Along with that, you will participate in contests, though you will not fare so well. But the first three months you will be studying concepts and by participating in contests you will be able to make a base. And then after that for the next three months, you will take part in many contests and will become very thorough in problem-solving. Now you are a Candidate Master in Codeforces and I am very good at Data Structure and Algorithms. And now because many of the people don’t have that, you have an X factor on your resume that you have proof that you are great in problem-solving and you can choose this path also, which is competitive programming. There is one more path and that is machine learning.

It is very interesting and is a very hot topic now. If you are choosing machine learning then again you have to have a plan for 6 months which is to learn for 3 months and work on projects for 3 months. For the first three months, we will learn a lot of algorithms and a lot of mathematic concepts, which are needed for machine learning. We will use them in small, small projects. Once we learn that then for the next 3 months, we will make an end-to-end project which will be useful.

We will put it up on Gitup, with the code as a demo to show that our algorithm is working well. It could be anything, but it should be a good project and we have put it live on Gitup. Now, this makes you a job-ready programmer. Because you are good in data structures and you are good in machine learning also. So again, you have the skill that you have now become ready for a job as a programmer.

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