Home Remedy For Open Pores

Home Remedy For Open Pores | How To Close Open Pores at Home

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In today’s blog, I will share all type of solution for pores with you I am saying all type of solution cause I will not only suggest at-home treatment but also which product you should use for excessive pores problem I will share that too I can assure the video is gonna be useful.

Home Remedy For Open Pores | How To Close Open Pores at Home

Home Remedy For Open Pores

at first home treatment in this segment, I will share with who you are lazy like me 2 quick tips and 1 DIY homemade remedy which will solve the open pores problem for you

1. Rub Ice on the Face

tip number 1 is rubbing ice on the face take the ice on a piece of soft clean cloth and rub it gently for 3-4 minutes ice makes pores small and slowly it will also minimize the pores.

 2. Use Banana’s Upper Skin

tip number 2 is using eatable banana’s upper skin after eating the banana use its skin and rub it on your face for 5-10 minutes banana skin’s potassium will help to reduce your pores problem on your face.

3. DIY Homemade Remedy

now let’s come to a DIY homemade remedy if you use this pack 2/3 times a week along with your pores problem blackheads and whiteheads will also reduce to make this pack take the white portion of egg + lemon juice mix it well and apply on face and after 10 minutes wash it off like this if you use it 2/3 times in a week your pores problem will vanish.

now let’s talk about products on those homemade remedy doesn’t work those who want to use a product to minimize pores can use the NIACINAMIDE serum NIACINAMIDE is a vitamin, with its natural substance it solves pores problem besides it works for problems like blackheads/fine lines/wrinkles to The ordinary NIACINAMIDE 10% + zinc 1% would be a great choice but use it who you are old 22 years+ and with using the serum you have to follow a proper skincare routine and with it, sunscreen.

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